[Question] Can you copy and rename a photo's Date Modified to be the same as Date Taken?

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#1 : 25/06-16 08:50
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I am trying to find a solution in making a photo's Date Modified the exact date as Date Taken.

My iPhone Camera Roll doesn't recognize the photos Date Modified, so I am going to rename the photos using Date Taken.


EDIT: Specifically, I mean the EXIF file's Date Modified & Date Taken. I don't want to rename my files (IMG_0001.PNG for example).

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#2 : 25/06-16 20:33
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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You can use exiftool to do this


with a command that ressemble this:

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal<FileModifyDate" .

it'll copy the exif tag FileModifyDate to the DateTimeOriginal tag (which is a very common tag, that is the date taken I think you're refering to, since DateTaken doesn't exists) to all the files in the current directory. Exiftool is a command line utility, and I don't think the gui supports those features, so you will have to go the command line way.

hope that helps (I learned something! : D )


25/06-16 20:33
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Hey thanks for the reply!

Do you mind explaining EXIFTool like I'm 5?
I'm not good with Command GUI stuff because I'm not sure if the command is executing properly.

How do I select the folder I want to rename the dates of? Haha

EDIT: By the way, I realized my iPhone doesn't recognize Date Taken on .PNG files, only Date Created. Can this method be used to edit the Date Created for .PNG files? Apparently, .PNG files don't support EXIFs as well as .JPGs.

In summary, I would like:

PNG/MOV - Change Date Created to Date Modified
JPEG - Change Date Taken to Date Modified

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#4 : 29/06-16 15:36
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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well the argument of not knowing if the command executed properly just means you never tried it. Command line version of programs will usually tells you much more than GUI software on how well the command executed, not less. Of course there are some exceptions, but as a general rule this is how it works.

to use exiftool on your machine, download it with the link I provided and put the exe file in your main drive, for example creating a new folder c:\apps_local\ or wherever you like

on windows, use windows key + R to open the run window, type "cmd", it'll open a command line window

in the command line window, type the following commands to do what you want:
for jpegs
c:\apps_local\exiftool(-k).exe -ext jpg -ext jpeg "-DateTimeOriginal<FileModifyDate" <folder>
so for example
c:\apps_local\exiftool(-k).exe -ext jpg -ext jpeg "-DateTimeOriginal<FileModifyDate" "C:\Users\<YourUsername>\Desktop"

to modify the create date with the modify date, I'm afraid you will have to work with another utility, since createdDate and fileModifyDate are not exif tags, but dates saved by the operating system on each file. Such application would be something like builkfilechanger from nirsoft:

http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/bulk_file_changer. html

hope that helps, cheers

29/06-16 15:36