Can't Change *.lnk and *.url Files

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#1 : 12/07-16 01:54
Flemming Lundgreen-Jensen
Flemming Lundgreen-Jensen
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HI !
Since I am from Denmark, I apologize for my lack filled English, but still hope that I am able to explain what my problem is - with a "little help" from 'Google Translater'.
Operating System = Windows 7
Internet Browser = IE 11
Advanced Renamer = Ver. 3.72
I've been using 'Advanced Renamer' in many years when it really helped me light and elegant through many time-consuming tasks. Although I have a few times donated some small contribution, I feel anyway urge to say thanks for the help.

There are a few types of files, which I have never found out, how to change.
It is about 'Shortcuts'{*.lnk} and 'Internet Shortcuts'{*.url}
Apart from that extension default is hidden, I do not see much difference between these two types of files in relation to i.e. '*.jpg','*.txt','*.pdf', Etc, etc.

When I try to open a number of files of type '*.lnk', it seems as if the 'Advanced Renamerer' try to find the files, 'shortcut' whereas instead of the '*.lnk' file.

When I try to open files of type '*.url', there is absolutely nothing in the 'Advanced Renamer 'and I assume that it is because the program tries to open the 'web pages' instead of the '*.url' files.

When I have a lot of 'Internet Shortcuts', where I would like me to edit File names, it would be great if I had a workable solution to the problem.

Sincerely ...... Flemming

12/07-16 01:54