Can you use this tool to actually edit the file tags in Windows 7

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#1 : 05/08-16 11:10
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Hi there,

Rather than renaming the file name I would like to use this tool to use the folder/filename/file type etc.. to automatically add tags to a file.

In Windows 7 the tags are considered meta data to help with the search.

Is this possible to do with this tool?

ATM I see only the ability to edit some attributes. Maybe with the script function it could be possible to edit the tags themselves?



05/08-16 11:10
#2 : 08/08-16 13:57
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
I don't think you can, only way I know to do this is through python script and use exiftool application to write tags with the desired data in the file name. I did a few scripts using exif tools, I could post them here if you want, but I no longer have the time to make custom python scripts.. but you might find someone else who will.

let me know if it could help,


08/08-16 13:57