Need help removing characters from in folders in a tree

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#1 : 08/09-16 18:23
James Edmonds
James Edmonds
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I have a folder I need to upload to SharePoint, and as such, have to ensure characters that are unsupported by SharePoint are removed from all file and folder names.

When I add the folder to AdvancedRenamer, I select to add root folders and subfolders, which adds every single folder from the tree to the list. This is what I want, as I want it to go through all folders and check for invalid characters.

When I run with just the 1 method to start with, 204 out of my 1830 items failed with error 101 unknown error. I have seen a lot of people suggest it is either insufficient permissions (not the case here), or because a parent folder is being renamed before the sub folder.

A lot of my parent folders aren't actually being renamed, so I am confused as to why this is failing.
What is the correct way to add the entire folder tree and remove characters from any folder that has them?

Many thanks

08/09-16 18:23