Merge image files from camera and phone, sort when taken

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#1 : 20/09-16 14:23
Pic Pic
Pic Pic
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Hi forum,

I have images from two sources that have been taken at the same event. Now I want to rename them with consecutive numbers, according to date and time they have been taken. In the Windows file manager i can sort according to "date taken", in AR I find some "date of creation" which is the date I uploaded it from my phone to my computer, not the date "picture taken"?

How can I sort them so the renumbering will be according to "picture taken"?


20/09-16 14:23
#2 : 20/09-16 14:59
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
Just enable the date taken column in the customize columns->customize...->time stamp->date taken


20/09-16 14:59