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#1 : 05/10-16 13:13
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First of all many thanks to Kim for this so useful software.

I face a small issue when renaming folders. I went through the forum and found some threads about renaming folders and error code 101.
Nevertheless, I checked:
- antivirus => does not put AdvancedRenamer in quarantine or so
- the rights => running the tool with or without Administrator rights leads to the same situation
- the folders themselves which are close, not in use anywhere and from which no file is opened

First way:
I just noticed that the folders won't be renamed if I select the complete folder three from the folder panel and 'Add selected' to the list. The same error occurs even if each folder to be renamed is added as 'Rootfolder' (directly selected in the folder panel) and displayed in the list without its sub-folders.
Second way:
On the opposite, if I select the folders to be renamed from the Add button (above the list) and add them to the list, then the batch process works without any issue.

So, in my case, the problem seems really to be related to the way the folders are selected and added in the list, as it works the second way without any need to run AdvancedRenamer with administrator rights.

I hope this can help, and if you can find a way to fix this if it is an error, it is also nice.

- crissc -

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