Completely automated and silenced command line?

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#1 : 14/10-16 07:21
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Hi, I was searching for a tool to batch rename files from cmd/bat files, and Advanced Renamer is almost perfect for that...
Just one problem - is it possible to completely automate renaming process and run it silently? No GUI popup , no confirmations, just process the batch with simple text report? I mean, process it in pure cmdline/console, without any graphic elements.
Right now, I use Ant Renamer, it does the work too but also pops up GUI window (it does automatically process the batch and then close, but it pops up over all other windows and is annoying me to no end)

14/10-16 07:21
#2 : 14/10-16 21:29
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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You could write a quick python script to start a program without the shell (console) window:

import subprocess
objProcess = subprocess.Popen("<program to run> <arguments>", shell=False)

or use already made app that give you the options on the program to run:


14/10-16 21:29