Program freezes when adding more than about 320 files

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#1 : 29/10-16 21:12
Andrew  Bird
Andrew Bird
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When using either Add >> Files or Add >> Directories, if the number of files added exceeds about 320 then the application freezes and has to be stopped and restarted. Exif.exe shows continuous activity in the Task Manager.

Windows 10 (but it happened with Windows 7, too).

Otherwise, great program!

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#2 : 30/10-16 08:35
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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The problem you are having has nothing to do with the number of files you are adding. I tried with 720 jpegs and all is fine and dandy.

I suspect one file you're trying to import has some sort of problem with its metadata. Exif.exe (probably exiftool.exe you're talking about) is the external tool AR uses to read the metadata of files (exif tags and others kind). If exiftool has some kind of problem, then AR probably can't do much about it.

Try splitting your 320 files into two groups, import each group separately and re-split with the non-working group until you find the culprit file..

or you could try browsing the files with exiftool gui, see if you can find the problematic file that way.

just my 2 cents


30/10-16 08:35
#3 : 30/10-16 12:42
Andrew  Bird
Andrew Bird
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Thanks for the reply.

No, there is nothing wrong with the files. I am steadily working my way through about 60,000 photos. They all load just fine provided they are not in a large group - the number varies between about 260 and 320, perhaps depending on file name or path lengths? (Mine are quite long.) Every time the application has locked up and I have forced it to close I have then been able to process all of the same files just by loading them in smaller groups. It's just rather time-consuming when you want to apply the same transformations to a folder containing 1,000 photos and you have to manually select the files in 4 or 5 batches instead of loading the whole lot with the Directories option.

My impression is that the bug is somewhere in the testing of the file names since it always locks up after populating the number of files loaded (bottom left on status bar) and with the message "Status: Testing names...".

From memory, if Auto Test is off when the files are loaded, the problem will occur when it is turned on or Test Batch is clicked, but only if the batch is too large.

30/10-16 12:42
#4 : 01/11-16 18:41
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Hum, I've done another batch of test that included using exif tags this time, and increasing the file count to 10k. I did get some glitches this time, like the first few hundred files not able to use any exif data, even tho my 10k files are the same 10 files copied over and over, so the file metadata being a problem is totally out.

All I can say is there is a problem between AR and exiftool, what it is I don't know. I can tell you how I use exif tool with python, and the limitations, but for AR, only Mr. Jensen can answer that.

All I can propose as a asolution is a custom python script (totally outside of AR) that could do one job (fixed rename pattern) but do it well, if I can understand what the needs are first.

I don't make any promises, but I did some pretty good scripts so far, in python.


01/11-16 18:41