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#1 : 09/12-16 20:01
Mike Teegarden
Mike Teegarden
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I'm new to this software and have a large cache of files that need to be renamed. Hoping this is the answer.

I want to go from this: x_cyy_CEC_2011_02 to this: c-yy ppx 2011_02

the first number in the file name is a page number and it changes for each file. Also, c12 is a variable so that part of the formula has to account for that.

Forgive me if I am asking too much of this forum. I'm not a coder.


09/12-16 20:01
#2 : 09/12-16 21:59
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Your not asking too much, but you don't need to be a coder to use AR either..

Only problem is that I don't understand what you are asking

can you give one real world example, from source name to final name

what is that c12 variable?

what formula are you talking about?


09/12-16 21:59
#3 : 11/12-16 17:58
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Please post a real world example.
We can't guess what x, c, yy or pp are ...

11/12-16 17:58