Must rename all files in MyDocs to remoce %20 wirh space

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#1 : 12/12-16 11:30
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While setting up MS OneDrive cloud service for the 1st time as part of my new MS- Office365 package, each time the file name contains %20 I get an error message and the synchronization stops and a message "sync problems" appears.

Please help me in setting the AdvanceRenamer to replace the %20 with space or any alphanumeric letter?

Thank you so much'

Arieh Lees

12/12-16 11:30
#2 : 12/12-16 18:52
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Did you actually open the app and tried for yourself ?

It's pretty straightforwarded : Rename method, and replace "%20" with " " ...

12/12-16 18:52