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#1 : 13/01-17 22:35
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I have about 300 flac CD rips with no mu3 or cue files. My player is flaky with embedded cover art, it works great with a bmp file with the exact same title as the flac file (song). I have manually done this by cutting and pasting each flac song title to a bmp but it takes forever for multiple CD's
I envision a split window with say 15 flac files on one pane and 15 bmps of cover art on the other pane, hit a button and it copies all flac song titles to the bmps. (Split window is not necessary, just a visual aid to what I am trying to do.
Since the 15 bmps are the same other than title (copy1, copy2.....) they don't even need to be in order, neither do the flac songs, my player will play them in the right order.
I see many ways to modify file names but I need to copy the exact title of say 15 flac songs to 15 bmps. (actually I need to do this over and over as I have about 300 CD's on my harddrive)
In a nutshell I want to copy an even amount of flac files to an even amount of bmps with minimal effort.
Is there a way to do this somehow, I will gladly donate if this can be done in bulk.

Thanks experts for any help.

13/01-17 22:35
#2 : 14/01-17 04:57
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
Not sure I fully understand, but here is a suggestion:

download and install Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org
(free text software that replace the garbage notepad of windows)

1-Select all your flac files in windows explorer (Win-E)
2-Shift-right click on the selected files, select "copy as path" option
3-Paste the file names into a new notepad++ document (they will include the path also)
4-Open the replace option of notepad++ (Ctrl-H)
5-Use these parameters:
Find what: .+\\(.+)"
Replace with: \1
search mode: Regular Expression
6-Hit the replace all button. All the paths and " will be gone
7-Select all text, copy it, then paste it in a List method in AR

import your bmps in AR, then faceroll that rename task:



14/01-17 04:57