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#1 : 04/08-11 17:00
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I don't know if someone has already made this observation but I I've discovered that in the new version there is a missing feature(field) that was previously available.

In the "Remove" method window, it was possible to change the numeric value (up/down) by simply clicking on the up/down arrows that were next to the remove count: field but those arrows are missing now.

When I click on the <> next to the field and the text filed value box appears, I clicked on the "Numeric value" hoping to activate the feature but it didn't change.

It would be very helpful if it could be added once again.

Thanks =)

04/08-11 17:00 - edited 04/08-11 17:05
#2 : 07/08-11 13:49
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The up and down arrows have been removed because the text field now also support patterns. You can write a search pattern in the text field which will get converted to an index of that search pattern. This is a power user feature that most people won't use, but very handy for the skilled user. If I kept the up and down arrows the field would only support numeric values and not search patterns. That is why the arrows are no longer present.

07/08-11 13:49
#3 : 10/08-11 16:22
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Oh Well...it was a convenient feature but I totally understand the need to take it out to add the other features. Thanks for the explanation and for this great program. =)

10/08-11 16:22