List Replace from a text file?

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#1 : 02/02-17 01:42
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson
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I have 1000s of images that I need to rename by changing their names from the original to an already set 'new' name. I have a list with the old name and what it should be changed to. Is there a way to do the List Replace using a txt files or csv?

To complicate matters somewhat these images are sequenced sets with a base ID that needs to be changed but the sequence kept. i.e. 1234_1.jpg, 1234_2.jpg, 1234_3.jpg needs to be 8765_1.jpg, 8765_2.jpg, 8765_3.jpg - so need to change '1234' to '8765' across all the files and there are multiple similar sequences. I don't know beforehand how many of each sequence there are - there could be 1 or there could be 15 - The list I have has just the base sequence IDs.

02/02-17 01:42
#2 : 02/02-17 06:32
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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A renaming pair text file can be used with bulkrename (another rename utility) but to have also a part of the filename to stay intact, I don't see any other way but to make a custom script outside of AR. If anybody has a way, I would like to know too.. : )

do you have an example of what the text file looks like, and a few sample file I could use to see what I can do with a python script?


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