Bug? CSV completely ignored while renamig folder

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#1 : 08/02-17 10:56
F. Hoffmann
F. Hoffmann
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AR is really a nice program and works fine with a csv-file concerning "Rename Files".
But for me it will not work completely right with a csv-file concerning "Rename Folders", see also in this forum to a similar subject: "https://www.advancedrenamer.com/forum_thread?for um_id=3110" The reading of the csv works exactly with showing the Original filename, New filename and Status (OK) in the right order or sequence:

Original filename (foldername) New filename (foldername)
Dir a Dir a
Dir a/e Dir a/e
Dir a/f Dir a/f
Dir a/c Dir a/c
Dir a/d Dir a/d

After the import of the csv-file the order of the directory structure of the foldername is alphabetical, but the order of the new directory structure of the new foldername is unchanged.

Foldername New foldername
Dir a Dir a
Dir a/c Dir a/e
Dir a/d Dir a/f
Dir a/e Dir a/c
Dir a/f Dir a/d

Maybe i can change some parameters and it works, or is it perhaps a bug in version 3.73?
Thanks in advance for every hint or solution!

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