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#1 : 22/03-17 20:56
Viktor Banye
Viktor Banye
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So here's what I have:
1) number of folders with subfolders
2) folders have a filename that I want to rename all the files in the subfolders with
so something like
c:\folder\movie name.mp4
c:\folder\images\cover\movie name.jpg

Help? :)

22/03-17 20:56
#2 : 27/03-17 17:18
Paul Rowell
Paul Rowell
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I'm not sure you can do all this in Advanced Renamer, I think I would probably try opening a cmd window and then using the dir command with /b switch to prepare a list of filenames and then use this list with the list method?


27/03-17 17:18
#3 : 29/03-17 17:32
Viktor Banye
Viktor Banye
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Thanks! Makes sense, just didn't think about it. I'm sure I'll get it done with this hint, one way or the other.

29/03-17 17:32