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#1 : 27/04-17 08:36
Zvi Twersky
Zvi Twersky
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I have some images that I shifted their "date-taken" time by -1hr and 4 minutes in adobe light-room and saved the files.

Windows 7 now shows that the date taken is the new time, both in the metadata section AND in the properties\details.

But when dragging the images into Advanced Renamer, it's somehow still picking up the old time.
How to fix this? I need to sort the images in Advanced Renamer by date taken with the new time.

One more thing... when I click on the metadata button in AR (where registered uses can batch change the time taken), it actually DOES show the correct new date and time! Strange.

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#2 : 27/04-17 11:41
Zvi Twersky
Zvi Twersky
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The support team answered:

In the settings window of Advanced Renamer you can change which field the program should use for Date Taken.

I changed the settings and this solved the problem.
If I choose "Date Original" it shows the new, correct date and time.

27/04-17 11:41
#3 : 02/05-17 12:26
Ove Schuett
Ove Schuett
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i have the same problem, tried your recommendation to solve below problem, but issue still remains. Below what i am trying to accomplish :

I am dealing with 3 different file types : JPG, CR2 & ARW. The latter 2 being RAW files from Canon and Sony respectively. PC OS is the latest Windows10. After renaming i want the files to be moved to :

C:\Photos\<img year>\<img year>-<img month>\<img year>-<img month>-<img day>

While this works fine for jpegs, it does not for the other 2 formats. The directory name AR creates for those 2 formats is always the same :


Exiftools.exe is sitting in the same directory as AR. I looked at the Exif info and all 3 files contain the 3 dates :


Windows 10 shows the correct dates as listed in the EXIF data in

Date Created,
Date Modified
Date Taken

for all 3 file formats.

i monitored the forum and found this answer applied it but to no avail.
Any pointers for how to get this done ?

02/05-17 12:26