Is it possible to use more than 40 Renaming methods?

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#1 : 04/05-17 16:52
Andreas Frank
Andreas Frank
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Unfortunately, I can only save 40 different renaming methods.
Since I use a lot of different files, which I would like to rename, I need more than 40 renaming methods. Is there any way to circumvent this limitation?

Many thanks for your response.


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#2 : 05/05-17 23:56
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Few things you could do, without changing AR..

Save separate method lists ( .aren files) that you load for each kind of file

*or*, make more general purpose methods with regex. I suspect if you need 40+ methods, a lot of your methods could be merged using regex.

Maybe save your method list to a .aren file and upload it to pastebin as text or a file hosting site, and paste the link here so we could take a look at it?


05/05-17 23:56
#3 : 19/05-17 22:52
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What exactly do you mean you're being limited to 40 methods.
I have one batch that has 403 methods in it and about a dozen that are over 300 methods.

From my experience there's no such limitation.

What's stopping you from adding additional methods?

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