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#1 : 21/05-17 12:57
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Hi, I'm new to Advanced Renamer. One thing I would like to use it for is to rename images.

I would like to rename my images using the original date/time 'picture taken' naming them according to ISO standard:
For this I need to add colons ':' --> hour:min:sec
Advanced Renamer does not allow the use of colons.
Is there a workaround or method I'm not aware of?

21/05-17 12:57
#2 : 23/05-17 14:35
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This is actually not an issue with AR.
This is an issue with your OS. OSs reserve colons and other special characters for programming. That's why AR won't allow the use of a colon. If it DID allow the use of a colon your OS would refuse to acknowledge the file at all because it had illegal characters in the filename.

23/05-17 14:35 - edited 23/05-17 18:26
#3 : 28/05-17 21:33
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Yup, as David said, computers don't like colons.
How do you feel about using Brackets? The Wiki site also shows the format as: [hh][mm][ss]
I know it is not as slick as a colon, but I think it remains a better choice than say a "-" or other separator.

28/05-17 21:33