Is there a way to make AR more Ultra High resolution aware

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#1 : 23/05-17 14:53
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For future versions.
It would be incredibly useful if AR was made more high resolution aware. I have monitors at 2560x1440 and can bared see the text in the item information window. And that's in spite of the fact that I've got Windows DPI settings at a custom 150%. AR is completely unable to use this custom setting.
I imagine it would be much worse on the new 4K screens out there which are becoming more commonplace now that prices are getting more reasonable for these High Res Monitors & TVs.
I tried checking "disable Display scaling on high DPI settings" on the Compatibility tab of the shortcut I use to start AR but it didn't do anything at all.
I can still hardly see the info available in the Item Information pane of AR.

Just to clarify the AR Names of the settings it's displaying about the files are fine it's the ACTUAL information extracted about the selected file in the list that's very difficult to see.
So "Filename" is fine the name of the selected file is impossible to see
"Directory" is fine but the directory information about the file selected is barely visible.

This issue is present in the Insert Tag dialog box as well. All the items under the selected Tags list are almost invisible. I can just imagine they would be almost literally invisible on a 4K. As it is I have to go right up to the screen to see the items in the list. Or use Windows magnifier which is Very inconvenient.

Is there a fix for this I can use right now that I'm missing?

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#2 : 23/05-17 20:15
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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My laptop screen is high DPI, only a little higher resolution (2880x1620). Like you I run my system in 150% DPI mode. I have no problem seeing the visual controls in the program. Items are only a little smaller than similar items in other programs.

Advanced Renamer doesn't have good support for high DPI monitors. Many windows in the program are made when this kind of display wasn't available. Maybe future versions will have better support.

23/05-17 20:15
#3 : 24/05-17 04:09
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Holy c..p I don't know how you can even see with such a high resolution on such a small screen. I'm actually using large desktop LCDs and I still can barely see some stuff. I know there are other programs that suffer similar issues.
As always hardware is far ahead of software I know it'll eventually catch up. High Res screens are a relatively new advancement still and prices haven't come down enough to make them mainstream yet so the software hasn't caught up yet I was just wondering if there was a tweak I could use to improve the situation for myself. It never hurts to ask. There's all kinds of clever little tweaks out there that fix all manner of little annoyances. And you never know until you ask the question.

Now I know so thanks for responding.

24/05-17 04:09