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#1 : 24/05-17 06:50
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I have files names from my cam recorder, they loook like this


wich means : yearmonthdayhourminuteseconde without any blank or separator

What I would like to do is increment only the "hour" part of all file names by 1 so it comes to:

(The raison is just I fergot to change the hour on my cam recorder - summer time- so all hours are one less than real ...

I am not very good handling scripts and help will gbe wellcome


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#2 : 29/05-17 18:36
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
3 method to do this:

1st: Replace
Text to be replaced: (.{8})(.{2})(.+)
Replace with: \1.\2.\3
Use regular expressions: checked

2nd: Renumber
Number position: 2
Change to: Relative to existing number
number difference: 1
Zero padding: Manual
Number lenght: 2

3rd: Remove pattern
Pattern: .
use regular expression: unchecked

wont handle cases where you took pictures at 23h, that could be done in script, but I don't think it's necessary.


29/05-17 18:36