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#1 : 09/06-17 20:40
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Hi I need a little help, I want to remove lowercase from specific words


I have:
United Nations (London, February 2, 1999).docx
Organization of American States (New York, July 23, 2002).docx
International Monetary Fund (Paris, April 8, 2010).docx

I want get:
UN (London, February 2, 1999).docx
OAS (New York, July 23, 2002).docx
IMF (Paris, April 8, 2010).docx

how can I do it?


09/06-17 20:40
#2 : 17/06-17 21:25
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
Here, try this method:

Method: Replace
Text to be replaced: [a-z]
Replace with:
Occurrence: All
Case sensitive: Checked
Use regular Expression: Checked


*edit: sorry, I didn't saw the (*) part, I'll write you a simple script for that.

17/06-17 21:25 - edited 17/06-17 21:35