How to put space before capitals

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#1 : 11/09-11 20:21
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I have names in form: "FisherKing",

have to have "Fisher King" - what reg. expression I have to use?

Any help greatly appreciated!


11/09-11 20:21
#2 : 11/09-11 20:58
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you are using the replace method you can configure it like this:
Text to be replaced: "([A-Z])"
Replace with: " \1"
Case sensitive: checked
Use regular expressions: checked

Don't write the quotes in the text boxes.

This will add a space in front of every capital letter in the file name. It will also add a space to the start of the filename which I guess is not what you want. You will then have to use the Remove method to remove the first character. Remember you can add both methods to the method list, first the Replace and then the Remove.

I hope this works for you.

11/09-11 20:58
#3 : 11/09-11 21:54
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It works! Thanks a lot!


11/09-11 21:54