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#1 : 15/08-17 17:23
Rick Applegate
Rick Applegate
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Apologies if this has been asked/done before. I tried searching but after searching large number of results pages I didn't spot anything obvious.

I'm using the <NAME> tag as part of a new name method. Very simple, I'm adding Camera Make/Model and some date time info at the front of .jpg files.

So rule is:
<ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> <ExifTool:Make><Img Width> x <Img Height> <Name>.<EXT>

however for input file:
this gives me an output file name of:
2017_08_15 15_25_48 Panasonic 4592 x 3448 P1000001.JPG.JPG

If I remove the <EXT> tag I get what I want, i.e. name is putting the extension in there all by itself.
...which isn't what the documentation says.

Is there anything else I could have set to cause this or is this what renamer now does by default - i.e. docs are wrong.

I have only one active method.

I'm on Win7 if that makes any difference.

Many thanks.

15/08-17 17:23
#2 : 15/08-17 19:52
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What is "apply to:" at the bottom of the "New Name" method set to?

If the extension of the file is already correct, you shouldn't need "<Ext>".
It's just carrying over the ext. from the original file. Adding <Ext> just recreates it visually,
in name only, with the second one the actual extension.

Unless, for some reason you need a record of the old ext. within the new file name
and extension.

I mean, you probably wouldn't use <Ext> unless you mean to change the actual extension
to something different.

15/08-17 19:52 - edited 15/08-17 20:03
#3 : 15/08-17 20:32
Rick Applegate
Rick Applegate
Posts: 4
Reply to #2:
Ah, now I understand! Thanks. It was set to apply to name only.

I was wrong in my assumption, it wasn't <NAME> generating .jpg, it was renamer leaving it there because it was only renaming the name part of the filename.

I guess I must be old in my way of thinking about this. The reason I didn't spot this (even though the option is right in front of me) is because as soon as I read the manual (help) and saw both <NAME> and <EXT> tags I assumed that <EXT> would be part of the renaming process, i.e. unless you put it in it won't be there. What it does, is counter-intuitive to me, but there's probably a use case out there somewhere that caused the options to go in like this. Presumably "apply to name" is the default, because I don't remember changing it, but who knows.

Many thanks for your help, now I fully understand what it's doing I can make it work just fine.

Looks like this might be one of the utilities that I donate to, it looks as if it will do most of the renaming things that I could want and I haven't got to scripts yet.

Now if only we could make all manufacturers put the same information in the EXIF data fields...

15/08-17 20:32