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#1 : 26/08-17 08:49
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is there apossibility to set the week as date.
I would like to do:
Filname <year> <week>


26/08-17 08:49
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Can you give a "result" example (as opposed to mask example) of what you mean?

26/08-17 19:03
#3 : 06/09-17 09:12
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You want a tag for adding the week number of a date to the filename? I understand why you want this.

My biggest problem with week numbers is that they work differently in various parts of the world:
In America and various other places weeks start on a sunday
In Europe and most of Asia weeks start on a monday
In the Middle East weeks start on a saturday (if I remember correctly)
This also affects the week number of a given date. Either the program has to detect which local week number scheme the computer uses, or supply three different week number tags.
Also, remember the first day of a year can be week 52 and the last day of a year can be week 1. This makes it difficult to use week numbering for sorting.

Long story short: While I understand the use of week numbers, I really dislike the math and conventions behind them.

See the section Week numbering here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Week

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