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#1 : 31/08-17 06:52
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I am a first time user, with some programming experience.
I was attempting to rename IMG_1234.JPG to BW1234.JPG and kept getting the result IMG_BW12334.JPG.JPG. After several unsuccessful attempts I wanted to dump the whole thing and begin again, but I can't get rid of the original. Every time I try with a different replacement string I get the first (unwanted) result, including the "JPG.JPG". Trying to rollback or delete has no effect. Like a good doctor, I want to bury my mistakes but they won't lie down and die.

31/08-17 06:52
#2 : 31/08-17 16:32
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You have to 'type in the new task "and" execute it' for the previous one to go away.

I'm not sure if there is an independent setting or button/menu to clear.
You could try "clearing the fields and executing" with no change to files (or with blank files area).

31/08-17 16:32 - edited 31/08-17 16:33