rearranging artist name

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#1 : 01/10-17 01:24
Steven Roy Supeene
Steven Roy Supeene
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I have a string title (A - T - N) where the A is the artist.
Some of them are 'last name. first name' and I want to change them to 'first name last name).

I've tried:- swap; seperator , This moved the last name to the end of the entire string

also :- replace; text to be replaced (.+), (.+); replace with \2 \1 This moved the last name to the beginning of the third element.

How do I do it properly?

01/10-17 01:24
#2 : 01/10-17 02:57
Danny G
Danny G
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Reply to #1:
1. Copy and paste the following into Notepad and save as Swap_Name.aren
(Note: make sure it doesn't end in .txt, it must end in .aren)
2. Double-click on this new file and it will open as a preset in Advanced Renamer.
3. You can save to your presets folder if required for future work. Add your files from there.

application=Advanced Renamer 3.78


method0000=methodname:"replace"; active:"1"; replace:"(.*?) (.*?) (.*)"; replacewith:"\2 \1 \3"; casesensitive:"0"; regularexpressions:"1"; applyto:"name"; occurrence:"0";

01/10-17 02:57