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#1 : 16/10-17 01:26
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Hi! I Sound my old photos and I would like to change the names. The problem is that this program (Adv Renamer) does not support EXIF data like "File Number". I can read File Number from EXIF details but I don't know how to change the file name to The Number. Please help ale sorry for my English.

16/10-17 01:26
#2 : 21/10-17 11:22
Brandon Earnhardt
Brandon Earnhardt
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Need to know what file number your referring to. What did you enter to get the number? If it is an ExifTool tag, you can use the 'New Name' method and enter '<ExifTool:{TagNameHere}>' into the 'New Name' field.

21/10-17 11:22