First time trying but keep getting an error

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#1 : 09/10-11 07:52
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I installed. I want to rename just FOLDERS, NOT any files so I ADDED Folders, told it I want to increment folder name and start with 001.


and a warning popup that tells me some of my FILES will be renamed so I say NO.

Why is it trying to rename files when only FOLDERS are included from the ADD on?

How do I get it to rename the FOLDERS and leave my FILES alone?


09/10-11 07:52
#2 : 10/10-11 10:04
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I am not exactly sure what is going on on your computer. Can you send me a screenshot of the problem? My e-mail address can be found by clicking About in the menu.

10/10-11 10:04