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#1 : 10/11-17 22:40
Scott M
Scott M
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I'd like to modify

IMG_20171110_112959.jpg to 2017_11_10_112959.jpg or something similar that results in a filename that is Year_Month_Day_HourMinuteSecond.

I was using this:

<Year Created>_<Month Created>_<Day Created>_<Hour Created>_<Min Created>_<Sec Created><Inc Nr:1>

But the 'created' numbers ended up being from the date & time I TRANSFERED the photos from my phone to my hard drive, and NOT the actual date and time of PHOTOGRAPHY.

The filename reflects the actual timestamp of photography--which is why I think I should use that?

All suggestions welcome! :-)

10/11-17 22:40
#2 : 14/11-17 08:48
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Reply to #1:
>>>date and time of PHOTOGRAPHY === EXIF meta information

For to use that EXIF data, see: advanced
<ExifTool:VALUE> Insert value from the external program ExifTool.
VALUE is the name of the ExifTool tag to be used.

-and- ool
Tag values can get investigated by selecting a file and clicking the ExifTool button in the Fileinfo box.
From here you can copy a <ExifTool:> tag and paste it into a method of choice.


Me think "<ExifTool:FileCreateDate>" would be the right tag
if that info where not already provided in the file name as in your example.

To use that "<ExifTool:VALUE>", one would create a rule "NewName":

NewName = <ExifTool:FileCreateDate>
That will get you a new file name
2017_11_10 11_29_59

To change that to wanted format
utilize another rule, "Replace"

Match: (.{10}) (..)_(..)_(..).+
Replace: $1_$2$3$4

# # #

But since your file name is already

you can just use this single rule

Match: IMG_(.{4})(..)(..)(_.+)
Replace: $1_$2_$3$4



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