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#1 : 06/01-18 06:01
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Greetings and Happy New Years!

I just started using this program yesterday to help strip some file names of various characters and spaces using +Add Method > "List Replace".

This is when I noticed in my opinion a major flaw in the applications design leaving me feeling like I was writing BASIC with a PEN on PAPER...(I've done this before, it's not fun).

The Issue:
The order in winch you enter the "Text to be replaced" is critical to the outcome of the process and with no SORT function to rearrange these as needed, you're left with having to DELETE everything back to where you need to INSERT a new "Text to be replaced" field.

My Suggestion:
I would like to see the ability to either insert new rows between previous ones, or to sort them using either a drag function or movement arrows.

Other then this issue the app is wonderful, and a real time saver.


06/01-18 06:01
#2 : 02/02-18 07:24
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Reply to #1:
Haven't you used 'Copy/Paste' and 'Cut/Paste' in a simple Spreadsheet?
Just 'Add' an extra field at the bottom of your list, or even a few empty fields, then shuffle your fields to your heart's content - swipe, Ctrl-X, click on new position, Ctrl-V and so-on.

Not the prettiest solution, but it works!

If you're feeling brave, save your Method, then edit that saved file. BUT BE CAREFUL! The format looks strange at first, but by inserting a few line-breaks (Don't forget to remove them later!!!), you'll soon deduce the formatting, and can play around with that. - Restore to original long lines before you save it!


If this brilliant little tool has saved you time, or helped get your files in a better order, or just cleaned-up the crazy names from downloaded files, maybe you could donate a Dollar or Ten to Kim?
See https://www.advancedrenamer.com/download

02/02-18 07:24