How do I batch the last as Number order?

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#1 : 03/04-18 06:43
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Here what I'm setting:
<Img Year><Img Month><Img Day><Img Hour><Img Min><Img Sec>

But there is still have same name files, so I want to make it as number order as to be unique:

That's not:
<Num Files>
<Inc Nr:X:Y>

Because I don't want to count of the total files in the folder, I just want to make it unique as the same name file.

How could I do like this, I can not find the tag as I want. Plz help, tks! :(

03/04-18 06:43 - edited 03/04-18 06:49
#2 : 03/04-18 07:29
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Finally I found what I want:

At the top right, Name collision rule choose Aspend number, that's it! Haha

03/04-18 07:29