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#1 : 24/04-18 15:17
Daniel dos Santos Oliveira
Daniel dos Santos Oliveira
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I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator. I want to make a numerical list automatically, example, only in different effects. I'm going to delete the (1) windows in each file with the same name and use the one's own program I know how to use it in Portuguese it's entietas example <Inc NrDiret: 1> more to delete the (1) , (2), (3) I have write one in several effects

24/04-18 15:17
#2 : 24/04-18 15:44
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I understand the difficulty of language translation, but if you gave an example or two, it might help to better understand what you want to do.

Examples of original vs what you want to achieve.

24/04-18 15:44
#3 : 24/04-18 16:21
Daniel dos Santos Oliveira
Daniel dos Santos Oliveira
Posts: 9
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I know how to do the numbering 001, 002 ... plus Windows when it has a file with the same name uses (1) at the end of each file what I want to do is strip the (1), now it is not from a folder only (1) cdz (2) cdz (3), another folder corola (1) corola (2) corola (3) can not excruciate the last 3 letters because they are names with different sizes cdz (1) will get "cdz" and corollaa (1) will get "coro a (1)" and what I have to do is write (1) to delete it from everyone else I'll have to write one by one in each example effect substitute (1) for "" there then again until the 40 is an automatic numeric list that I want to do

24/04-18 16:21
#4 : 24/04-18 16:52
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I'm not sure I'm any clearer yet .....

Write down an filename before ... like myfilename(1).txt, or whatever it is

Write down what you want, say 001_myfilename.txt

Next, write in Portuguese and I'll ask my friend here to translate!

Note, if you want to delete the (1) from the above myfilename(1).txt:

Remove method
Remove count: 3
Starting at: 1
Backwards: ticked
Use Reg Exp: not ticked
Apply to: Name

24/04-18 16:52
#5 : 24/04-18 17:43
Daniel dos Santos Oliveira
Daniel dos Santos Oliveira
Posts: 9
Reply to #4: I do not know if that's what you wanted to say to me.More reading what you wrote I'm going to delete from back and forth Windows always puts (1) at the end it's only I first delete ") then 1 and finally ("
regardless of the size of the word that comes before example cdz (1 ) or corolla (1) Thank you you helped me a lot

24/04-18 17:43
#6 : 24/04-18 21:03
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Maybe an example will help. If you a filename


You want to remove the "(123)"?

Replace Method
Text to be replaced: (.*)[(](.*)[)](.*)
Replace with: \1\3
Occurence: All
Case sensitive not ticked
Use regular expressions: ticked
Apply to: Name

This will give abcde.txt

Similarly, "corolla (1)" becomes "corolla ", so you must trim for spaces after.

24/04-18 21:03
#7 : 26/04-18 10:02
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Having just learnt from um_id=5121

Given abcde(123).txt

Remove pattern" method
Pattern: \(.+\)
[√] Use regular expressions

gives abcde.txt

and Test(XX12af345bc72daxxxx).txt gives Test.txt

26/04-18 10:02