Feature Request: Name Length Redaction

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#1 : 16/11-11 02:43
Joey Buddy
Joey Buddy
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I would like a way to automate file and path name shortening. Windows limits names on files to less than 260 characters, and I think the same goes for folder paths. It would be helpful to include sorting by file name length. It would also be helpful if the length of the shortened file name could be set.

16/11-11 02:43
#2 : 16/11-11 08:22
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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How should the file name be shortened? By defining a maximum length and then removing characters beyond that maximum?

16/11-11 08:22
#3 : 12/01-14 17:40
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Dear Kim,

Thanks for a great program. Is there way to implement what you have suggested, essentially a "truncate" method? I continually run into this problem and would use your software exclusively to solve it!


12/01-14 17:40