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#1 : 04/05-18 17:03
Jennifer Asaro
Jennifer Asaro
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Hello Kim,

I found your tool online and wanted to touch-base with you. I would like to use this tool for my company but it has to be vetted by Information Security.

Does the tool capture and send you any type of data automatically?
If so, what kind of data?

I see that in the versions file under section ARen 1.06 - 15. marts 2003 there is a note that says
" * Uses INI files instead of registry to save data*"

Is there a technical reason you are using INI files vs. XML?

Thank you very much for your responses.


04/05-18 17:03
#2 : 04/05-18 17:51
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Reply to #1:
Best to send directly to the author.


04/05-18 17:51