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#1 : 01/08-18 01:47
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I'm a microbiologist who's pumping out approximately 300+ pictures a week and is in desperate need of sorting. I have 5 different variables to change for naming. Can anyone help me set up a method for renaming all the files? They're already organized in chronological order and I know which picture is which.

By the end, I would want the renaming system to be:
Bacteria Strain-pH-magnification-Day-Replicate

So an example would be:

Again, even though there's 5 variables that change, is there a way to automate this because the pictures are starting to pile up!


01/08-18 01:47
#2 : 01/08-18 21:10
James E. McBride
James E. McBride
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Reply to #1: Is there anything in the current name of the files that would indicate the values of the fields that you are talking about?

If there is not, is there some way of programatically getting those values from the files?

There would need to be something that you would 'key off of', whether that be something in the file, or possibly in the order in which you put the files through the renamer. It may even take a couple of passes to get the filenames correct.

I am not a great programmer or anything, but you would almost definitely have to use the customized javascript programming interface to get this done.

01/08-18 21:10