Better script debugging

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#1 : 11/08-18 10:57
Andreas Toth
Andreas Toth
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Currently error messages don't advice the user where a script fails making the script functionality rather useless. Please add more informative parsing/compile errors, especially line number, but more information would be preferred. Not having this information makes it rather impossible to debug a script. Imagine coding Advanced Renamer without such feedback from the compiler. It would make coding near impossible. Similarly, one can't expect users not to have such feedback when writing scripts.

11/08-18 10:57
#2 : 14/08-18 13:29
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
An error output is on my todo list. I don't think I can have it ready for the next version, but maybe the version after.

14/08-18 13:29