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#1 : 24/08-18 20:11
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Recently I took several pictures with my camera. I have not set current date, so it was as set by the mafufaturer 1-1-1980.
I tried later to change the time stamp with "Advanced Renamer" (V 3.83), slected the files, selected
'time stamp', 'absolute date and time', set the current time and started batch, but nothing happened.
Tryed another option, nothing changed.
Then I selected all the files by right-clicking and opened properties,clicked down 'remove properties...", only after that, the time stamp changed.
Is there some other way useing this program to achieve results, or going around as I described above.
Answers will be appreciated.

OS win 10 pro 1709 64 bit

24/08-18 20:11
#2 : 08/09-18 14:11
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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Hi. The timestamp you used is changing the file timestamps (Created/Modifed/Accessed). You are probably wanting to change the metadata field called "DateTimeOriginal". Changing metadata is different to changing the filename. Look at the Metadata button in the top toolbar. Press it! Set the field to DateTimeOriginal. Then for your list of files, set the top DateTimeOriginal manually, then press the Action button to copy your new value to all files. Make sure you read the WARNING in that very same window about changing your metadata. It says to backup your photos first.

08/09-18 14:11