I do not see the date stamped under the date taken.

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#1 : 02/09-18 12:16
Jin Hyung Kim
Jin Hyung Kim
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I do not see the date stamped under the date taken.
If you click on a taken date item even if the taken date item is empty, the images are sorted in the order of the date taken.
The problem is that if there is a picture taken with a Sony camera and a picture taken with a Canon camera in one folder, it will be sorted by the date taken by the extension because there are two extensions.
If you change the file name in that state, the file name will be changed according to the extension.
For example, 001.RAW .... 005.RAW / 001.CR2 ... 005.CR2 This changes.
Even if the extension is different, the extension is ignored,
If you change the file name, can not you just sort by date taken and change it?
For example, 001.ARW, 002.CR2, 003.CR2, 004.ARW, 005.CR2.
All tested files have the normal date recorded in the metadata and the normal date in the Windows properties.
If you sort on the modified date item, you can arrange it as you want, but sometimes the date taken and the date modified are different.
When that happens, it can not be sorted by date taken.
Program settings - The date is taken from the image file.
I am using this program for the first time ...
Sorting by date is very important to me.
Regardless of extension.

02/09-18 12:16
#2 : 08/09-18 13:19
Spiro Conomos
Spiro Conomos
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Hi, Try:
Add method, New Name: <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> <Name>

- I'm not sure how you want to use the Date Taken info, but if you put it at the start of the file then you will be able to sort by date taken easily just using the filename sort in any explorer
- You can find that string "<ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>" by selecting one of your files and then pressing the Exiftool button in the file properties panel towards the bottom of main window.
- You can see with Exiftool there are several dates to choose from. My old Sony jpgs have 4 more dates over and above the file dates Create/Modify/Accessed. I can see 6 exif dates on Canon EOS jpgs, 6 exif dates on Nikon .nef files.

08/09-18 13:19
#3 : 09/09-18 14:37
Jin Hyung Kim
Jin Hyung Kim
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Thank you...
I already use the method you mentioned.
But it is inconvenient because you have to organize things twice at a time.
If the Date Taken is displayed, you can do it all at once.
I do not know why Date Taken is not displayed ...
If only Date Taken is displayed, it will solve all ...

09/09-18 14:37
#4 : 12/09-18 06:56
Andrew Naito
Andrew Naito
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Have you tried:
<Img Year><Img Month><Img Day>_<Img Hour><Img Min><Img Sec><Img Subsec>

12/09-18 06:56
#5 : 26/09-18 18:56
Jin Hyung Kim
Jin Hyung Kim
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Thank you...
However, it can not be solved in the way you have noticed.
When a file with extension ARW taken with SONY A7R M2 and a file with extension CR2 taken with CANON 5D Mark II are in the same folder, the ARW file is sorted first and the CR2 file is sorted down there.
Eventually, it is not sorted by DateTimeOriginal (date taken), which is recorded in the file's metadata.
The important thing is ... Why? I wonder if the date taken item does not display the DateTimeOriginal that is recorded in the metadata.
If the date taken item contains only the DateTimeOriginal recorded in the metadata, everything will be resolved.
I am currently changing the file name using the command "<ExifTool: DateTimeOriginal> <Name>. <Ext>" and then changing the file name again using the command "XXX_ <Inc Nr: 001>. <Ext>".
In the end, you only need to change the file name twice to change the file name the way I want.
It is a lot of trouble.

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