AR scrambles file names after about 100 files

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#1 : 03/09-18 14:00
Joseph Phillips
Joseph Phillips
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I have 1690 pictures I took on an iPhone 8. I copied all of them to Windows 10 using EaseUS MobiMover. I also have to use CopyTrans to be able to see HEIC files that iPhone uses. I try to rename the pictures using this pattern
<Year Created>-<Month Created>-<Day Created>_<Hour Created>_<Min Created>;<Inc Nr:1>;<GPS Country>;<GPS City>;<GPS State>.<Ext>
It seems to work fine for about 100 files and then starts taking dates and geotags from other pictures and gets the names all wrong. It seems to assign the correct names out of sync with the actual pictures. It ends up being a real mess.
AR 3.83
/Joe P.

03/09-18 14:00
#2 : 07/09-18 11:36
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have seen this problem before when one of the files is corrupt. Are the values applied completely random? Or are they just shifted down one file?

07/09-18 11:36