Rename folder based on pattern + name of file in folder

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#1 : 08/09-18 14:33
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I am trying to renamed folders based on the name of the unique file they contain, as asked here too: um_id=1376

Thx to this old post, I know that I must use the "batch mode = Move" and a pattern as "Output Folder"

But the movies are named like "Movie Name (Date) [Format]" and I would like to rename the containing folder as "Movie Name (Date)". So, truncating the " [Format]" part.

As the patterns that can be used in the "Output Folder" field do not accept Regular Expression, I have no idea how to do.

Would someone have a suggestion ? It would be very much appreciated !


[Edit]: one working solution is to do it in two steps
1. Use a "Batch Move" with Drive:\Renamed Movies\<Name> as OutputFolder and no "Renaming Method".
2. Use a "Batch Rename" on the Folders ("Add root folders" by drag and dropping all Drive:\Renamed Movies\<Name>) with a regular expression [ ]*\[.*\] as "Remove Pattern" method

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