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#1 : 22/12-11 17:22
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I have a lot of pictures to rename. but I don't succeed to classify the excel sheet in the same way than the pictures file in A.R.. so it is very difficult to join the both files.
My question is as I have more than 4000 pictures to renaim, If I make a file with : _File_Main_FilePath and_File_Main_FileName to rename all the picture, and in the other hand, a unique file with all the pictures, can the soft can make the link between the first column wich is the actual picture's name and to rename with the second column automatically.

Many thanks for your help
best regards and happy Christmas for all

22/12-11 17:22
#2 : 27/12-11 19:52
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You cannot use Advanced Renamer to rename based on an excel sheet. There might be ways to come close to what you want if you work with the software in a creative way.

27/12-11 19:52