Removing random string on end of file name.

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#1 : 16/10-18 06:03
Harold W Roge'
Harold W Roge'
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So far this program has been a godsend when using to rename my files. Everything I've looked for for years. Just one thing I have not been able to figure out. I have about 20K video files to rename and all of them end in a randomly generated bracketed sequence such as:


All an 8 digit alpha numeric sequence inside brackets. I just need whatever formula is necessary to identify this sequence at the end of each file and delete it. Each file name is a varying lengths being named and numbered differently in different sets. If there is a formula that will just see the end sequence and delete it and its brackets that will save me going thru each file separately to delete it. Please help.

16/10-18 06:03
#2 : 16/10-18 10:55
Will Robinson
Will Robinson
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If the bracket sequence is the last part of the filename then the [Remove] method will do it...

Remove Count: 10 (11 if there's a space)
Starting at: 1
Backwards: Yes
Use Regular Expressions: No

16/10-18 10:55
#3 : 16/10-18 11:07
David Lee
David Lee
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If all your filenames have this suffix then all you need to do is remove the last 10 characters from the file name:

Remove method
Remove count: 10
Starting at: 1

Otherwise, to detect and remove exactly 8 characters within brackets, at the end of the filename use the Remove pattern method with the regular expression \[.{8}\]$

16/10-18 11:07