Re-ordering two elements of a three element filename.

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#1 : 08/11-18 16:56
Dave Brzeski
Dave Brzeski
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I have lots of files with the following filename convention.

"Story Title - Author Name - Word Count". It's the slush pile for a magazine I edit, if anyone is interested.

I want to swap the Author Name with the Story Title without moving the Word Count from the end. I've just spent a fair bit of time fiddling with regular expressions to no avail.

Remove Pattern makes it possible to remove "#...." from each file, but there seems no way to move it back to the end, after reversing the parts each side of the first " - ".

Is there is a way of doing what I need in a single stage?

08/11-18 16:56
#2 : 08/11-18 17:29
Dave Brzeski
Dave Brzeski
Posts: 4
Reply to #1:

Forget it. I finally worked it out for myself. :)

I did a replace with Regular Expression.

(.*) - (.*) - (.*)
\2 - \1 - \3

Embarrassingly easy now I look at it. :D

08/11-18 17:29