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#1 : 13/11-18 22:19
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Hi, I have been trying to use the program and have had it work a few times to rename some photos to the date and time it was modified. When I tried to open the program another day to rename more, it keeps freezing and not responding
I am running windows 10 x64 and have the newest version of the program (3.84)
Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated

13/11-18 22:19
#2 : 14/11-18 07:31
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Reply to #1:

I have been facing some issues too related to functionality involving system date and time, although our cases aren't exactly alike.

Anyway, try running the app with administrator privileges, if you can, and see if it still causes issues. Right Click on the app's desktop icon and click "Run As Administrator".

14/11-18 07:31