Rename picture files from data in file name:

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#1 : 20/11-18 02:05
Jerry LaFountain
Jerry LaFountain
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I have many picture files that I have downloaded from our Motorola cell phones on a long vacation and I have corrupted the EXIF data. Fortunately the file name contains the Date Taken information which I need to be part of the name.

An example name: IMG_20181114_102609355.jpg

I wish to change this name to 2018-11-14 1026 Stein Butte Hike.jpg I will need the name collision rule in place.

Will I be able to do this with code in Advanced Renamer.

Thanks for your time

20/11-18 02:05
#2 : 20/11-18 09:19
David Lee
David Lee
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Replace: IMG_(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})_(\d{4}).*
with: \1-\2-\3 \4 Stein Butte Hike
Use regular expression

20/11-18 09:19