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#1 : 16/01-12 21:59
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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How about a function for dynamic destination folders.

mp3_1.mp3 -> 11 - Aerosmith - Get A Grip - Crazy.mp3
mp3_2.mp3 -> 14 - Korn - Follow The Leader - Freak On A Leash.mp3

Destination folders
d:\music\Aerosmith - Get A Grip
Korn - Follow The Leader

just an idea

16/01-12 21:59
#2 : 17/01-12 08:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I think you can already do that. You can use tags in the destination folder to send some files to one folder and other files to another. Some of the most useful tags to use are the ID3 tags, SubStr, and RSubStr tags.

17/01-12 08:23
#3 : 17/01-12 16:07
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #2:
my suggestion is to use one part of the replace method

rename (.*).S(\d\d)E(\d\d) --to--> \1 - \2x\3 -\4


but i dont know how to to this
my second idea is to insert this part in my batch file from the previous thread.
to analyse the filename before renaming to get a variable for destination.
i also want to use a command to auto select the correct .aren file to rename. for different files.

like *.mp3 use mp3.aren
i hope i will work ;)

Thx a lot for your help

17/01-12 16:07
#4 : 20/01-12 14:45
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #3:
ok, then i have a problem

choosing the destination folder by tag works fine, but

text1 - 01x02 - textexttext.ext
move -> c:\date\<text1>
works fine

text1 - 01x02 - textexttext.ext
more text - 01x02 - textexttext.ext
much more text - 01x02 - textexttext.ext
move -> c:\date\<text1>
i dont know how to choose the text in front of the " - " when there are spaces in the text. becase the number of words on the front of the name changes. Do anybody know a way to to that? (destinationfolder=c:\data\<newfilename from left until " - ">) like a Trim function

Thx for help
sorry for my bad englisch

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#5 : 25/01-12 20:27
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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Reply to #4:

Select batch mode Move and set the output folder to c:\date\<substr:1:" - "> should achieve what you want.

25/01-12 20:27
#6 : 26/01-12 15:50
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #5:
this would work, if the number of characters dont change
and my folders have spaces

text - 01x02 - texttext text text.ext
C:\Data\<Substr:1:4> -> C:\Data\text

text text - 02x03 - text text text.ext
C:\Data\<Substr:1:9> -> C:\Data\text text

text text text - 03x04 - texttext text.ext
C:\Data\<Substr:1:14> -> C:\Data\text text text

This will work. but i dont want to count all caracters from hundreds of files :)
I need a method to count the characters until " - "

thx for your help

26/01-12 15:50
#7 : 28/01-12 13:26
Steve Whitbread
Steve Whitbread
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The string I gave should do just what you want. With <substr:1:"target string"> you don't have to specify an end point where you stop looking for a target string e.g. " - ", "-".

So <Substr:1:" - "> would give you the same outputs you list in your response all in one operation - and for all other combinations where " - " is the separator - without you having to worry at all about the number of characters.

Try it out.

28/01-12 13:26
#8 : 31/01-12 00:02
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #7:

this is exactly what i was looking for.
THX a lot.
I havent found it on the AR dokumentation.

Now my problem is, the commandline method dont support <Substr:1: ->
in the programm all works fine.

"c:\daten\<Substr:1: ->"
c:\daten\<Substr:1:" -">
also dont work

this is my batch file. just a start :)

@echo off
set filepath=%~1
set folderpath=%~dp1
echo File Path: %filepath%
echo Folder Path: %folderpath%
IF "%folderpath%" == "C:\Daten\" (
arenc -e C:\batch\tvhand.aren -f %1
) ELSE (
arenc -e C:\batch\tv.aren -f %1 -m move -d c:\daten\<Substr:1: ->

i want to do a lot more. for example: auto choose rename method and sestination folder.

thx for feedback

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#9 : 31/01-12 20:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #8:
You can use the <substr> tag in the destination parameter in a command line configuration. You just need to put " around the complete destination pattern. Like this
-d "c:\data\<substr:1:10>"

31/01-12 20:16
#10 : 01/02-12 02:54
erwin ruff
erwin ruff
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Reply to #9:
"c:\daten\<substr:1: ->"
dont work.
In the AR program all works fine

i dont know where the problem is

"c:\daten\<substr:1: ->" = file moves to C:\Daten\
"c:\daten\<substr:1:10>" " file moves to C:\Daten\new folder, but from old filename. i think thats the problem
<substr::> in AR program uses newfilename
<substr::> in commandline uses oldfilename

01/02-12 02:54