Randomly changing filename and extension to UPPERCASE

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#1 : 19/12-18 17:34
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I'm using Advanced Rename v3.84 (portable version), running off a (FAT32) USB stick.

I'm trying to bulk rename files (in various sub-directories, and extracted from a .rar file) within the same USB stick - removing spaces and apostrophies.

Those renaming actions seems to work fine, but then I notice that I have files that have been renamed so that all the characters are UPPERCASE, including the extension.

The files displayed in Advanced Renamer after the batch processing, suggests that the filenames look OK, but viewing the files in Windows Explorer shows that this issue has occurred. And reloading the files in again in again shows the issue.

Why is Advanced Renamer doing this? I have not using a 'method' to change the filename and extension to UPPERCASE.

I say 'randomly' in the subject title, but it always seems to be the same files that have this issue - I can reproduce this issue with the same set of files extracted from a .rar file.

Is there a log file to checked the methods/actions it has actually done?

19/12-18 17:34
#2 : 20/12-18 10:02
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OK, I've narrowed down the issue a bit further.

The UPPERCASE'ing occurs when the following conditions are met:

1. The files do not match any method.
2. The filename (not including extension) is 8 or less number of characters
3. The filename (not including extension) is a single word (i.e. has no spaces).
4. The file location is on a FAT32 partition.

A test with the files in a USB stick formatted to NTFS does NOT have this issue.

A test with *no method* and the batch is run on files in a FAT32 partition DOES have this issue.

So I'm not sure why Advanced renamer is touching files that do not match any method in the first place?

20/12-18 10:02
#3 : 20/12-18 11:12
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Right, there seems to be a general FAT32 issue with filename cases - to do with the file 'short name' and 'long name'.

I performed the following. I created the files on the FAT32 partition:

test 1.txt
Test 2.txt

In the Windows CMD console, I perform a 'move' for all files to the same filename.

move test1.txt test1.txt
move "test 1.txt" "test 1.txt"
move Test2.txt Test2.txt
move Test2Test.txt Test2Test.txt
move "Test 2.txt" "Test 2.txt"

and the results are:

test 1.txt
Test 2.txt

You can see that only the filename that is mixed case, less than 9 characters, with no spaces gets changed to all UPPERCASE.

I believe Advanced Renamer is actually renaming (moving) the file even though it does not match any method - it renames (moves) the 'Filename' to the 'New Filename' even though it does not change.

It would be good to have an option (I cannot find any in the settings) to not touch any files that has no difference between Filename and New Filename.

20/12-18 11:12
#4 : 02/01-19 11:23
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Reply to #3:
Me guess you see there a feature of your OS on drives with FAT file system?

Google for smtg like "windows shows short 8.3 names in uppercase"

e.g. read there
https://superuser.com/questions/1297658/folder-n ames-become-uppercase-when-syncing-to-fa t32-drive


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