Can't see hidden files and folders

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#1 : 27/12-18 04:06
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I can use attribute mode to make files and folders hidden. But once hidden they disappear from the panel and I have to use Windows Explorer to change the attribute to un-hide them. Is there a way for Advanced Renamer to view and edit hidden files and folders without having to go through that back and forth?

27/12-18 04:06
#2 : 28/12-18 12:30
David Lee
David Lee
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A.Ren. is displaying hidden files for me.

Once loaded hidden files are shown in the list but they will only appear in the "Load list" dialogue if you have selected "Show hidden files" in Windows Folder options, since A.Ren. uses the Windows select file dialogue.

Files will always disappear from the list when you run your batch, unless you select the "Load files" option to reload them after processing.

28/12-18 12:30 - edited 28/12-18 19:40