List Replace method - list disappears

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#1 : 02/01-19 12:07
James E. McBride
James E. McBride
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Does anyone else have an issue where the list that you created under a List Replace method disappears after you view it once?
The list is actually still there, because, if I tick that method, ARen still acts on the is just that I cannot see the list unless I close ARen and reopen it.
After that, I can view the list once, and then it disappears again.

Such a strange bug....I am not sure where to put the blame, on ARen or on something else like video drivers (though I am not sure why those would affect this)

--Thanks in advance


02/01-19 12:07
#2 : 03/01-19 02:49
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This has never happened to me.

03/01-19 02:49