Copying entire filename from one file to another

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#1 : 12/01-19 16:37
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Basically, VLC Media Player auto-loads subtitles when the name of the subtitle file is the same as the video file.

So what I wanna do is copy the entire filename of the video files, minus the extension ofc, to the corresponding subtitle files, using episode numbers as the common term between the video and subtitle files. That is, entire filename of video file for E01 gets copied to subtitle for E01 and so on...

Example Set:
Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x01 - Episode
Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x02 - Episode
Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x03 - Episode
Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x04 - Episode
Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x05 - Episode
Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x06 - Episode

Is this possible using ARen? Please guide.

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#2 : 13/01-19 23:52
David Lee
David Lee
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I'm not sure whether I fully understand what you want to do.

However, I assume that .mkv are video files and .srt are the subtitles so you wish to rename the .srt files to match .mkv

eg Wilted.Fruit (2016) - 01x01 - Episode ->

Assuming that 01x01 corresponds to S01E01 etc you could achieve this via the List method...

1) Load your .mkv files into the filename list
2) Click on "Populate list" (in the List method)
3) Clear the filename list
4) Load your .srt files into the filename list
5) Apply to Name (in the List method)
6) Each .srt file will be renamed corresponding to the .mkv filename in the same position in the list.


This relies on both sets of files appearing in the list in the same order, which should be the case provided 01x01 corresponds to S01E01 etc.

I hope that is what you were looking for.

13/01-19 23:52
#3 : 26/01-19 14:57
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Yup, exactly what I was looking for!

Sorry for the late reply. Picked this up again after a while.

P.S. : So this is what "List" method I finally understand.😆

26/01-19 14:57